04 March 2014

Just For Fun

...Photographing all of the lipsticks currently in your purse. (Not pictured: Burts Bees chap stick).


And, 10 very random facts about yours truly, because why not?

1). The first word I ever spoke was "nu-nu" (noodle). I thought about this while twirling my spaghetti last night.

2). Recently uncovered a bunch of old letters and mementos from when I attended sleep-a-way camp in middle school. Apparently, the counselors sent home check-in notes every two weeks and this was written on one of mine: "Kayla excels at quiet bunk time in the cabin and is working on improving her outdoor survival skills." Yep.

3). I lived in Sarasota, Florida for three years growing up (age 10-13).

4). My choice alcoholic drink is a tie between champagne and Stella Artois.

5). I performed with an improv comedy troupe in college.

6). My ancestry traces back to the Mayflower.

7). Had I been born a boy, my name would have been Benjamin Jacob. (I'm Kayla Meredith for those wondering).

8). I believe in past lives.

9). I love watching crime shows and reading mystery novels.

10). I always make a wish when the clock reads 11:11.

Care to share a random fact of your own? I find this sort of thing fascinating.


  1. Yes...noo-noo...you love noodles! Yowza!!!!
    a few of my secret facts:
    1) I am addicted to red licorice
    2) I got my head stuck in between the bars of a crib trying to escape when I was wee little
    3) I love to skip rocks
    4) I am deliriously goofy with dogs
    5) I laugh with all my might until it hurts

  2. ^mom's 'yowza' lolol

    1) Whenever I listen to a song, I am normally envisioning myself in an elaborate solo dance piece to it, full audience and bright lights
    2) I am incredibly attracted to midwestern looking guys; light, baby-faced, corn-fed kinda look. Ha.
    3) A massive jar of vaseline suffices as my go-to chapstick
    4) I find bodily functions extremely funny
    5) I have more empathy toward animals than humans

    (But you know all of these!)

    Love you sissa

  3. i trace back to a francis eaton on the mayflower, too!

  4. I love these little lists too! I'll share 5 of my own ...

    1) I refused to eat anything other than Cheerios for 2 weeks when I was somewhere between 3 and 5. (The pediatrician told my Mom not to worry, to give me the Cheerios and know that sooner or later I'd go back to actual food.)

    2) My favorite places are: the ocean, the mountains, the city, and cape cod. I have spent most of my life living in a small town that is nowhere near any of them.

    3) I love to read...Mary Higgins Clark is my favorite author.

    4) If the sign on the door reads "pull", I will push every time. :/

    5) It is nearly impossible for me to go more than a minute without smiling....My friends and family are always trying to set me off or challenge me not to smile.

    It's always strange to think that as bloggers we often know sooo little about our readers, while they know whatever we've chosen to tell them about ourselves. This was fun! Now you know a littldbit more about a few of your readers, anyway. :)


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