13 March 2014


The west village is easily one of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods. I'm lucky that a huge chunk of my clientele is based there, thus enabling me to reap the rewards of strolling through its cobblestone streets with camera conveniently in hand.

I detoured up Hudson early last Sunday afternoon, lingering on various corners to people watch and fantasize about real estate. Did you know that a modest one-bedroom will easily run you a million+ here?

Oh this city. She be crazy, but I love her.

(And yeah, Manhattan is totally a girl. Brooklyn is also female and the Bronx and Staten Island are definitely males. Not quite sure about Queens).

I happen to be one of those people who visualizes the days of the week as specific colors and feels tiny zings all over/on top of my skin when someone near me is eating or grooming while I'm sitting stationary. It's called Synesthesia. I never really talk about it, mostly because I never really think about it. Anyone else?.

Photos // March 2014 // Hudson St, between Morton & Jane


  1. Hello Kayla (your name is chartreuse green with orange),

    I love your piece about the Synesthesia and the West Village and! (one of my favorite neighborhoods too).

    I wrote a book on synesthesia--(in fact, it was the first book by a synesthete about synesthesia)--"Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How synesthetes color their worlds" (Henry Holt & company 2001):

    Look forward to hearing more about your synesthesia!

    Colorful wishes,

    Patricia Lynne Duffy

  2. There are lots of incredible composers who perceived sounds or keys as colors, and I was always a little envious I didn't have their magical powers!

    PS–talking real estate in SF often makes me want to cry, for she too is a cruelly expensive little town. But I'd much rather invest in the West Village.

  3. i came to this post delayed but i thought i would respond and say that i have synethesia too. the funny thing is that i never used to "think about it either." what i mean is that - i thought EVERYONE thought the same way as me. my version has a lot to do with spatial imaginings and colours. as in, every month, letter and name has a colour. and time periods like weeks, years and days are visual in my mind (a year is like a racetrack and whatever month i'm in is largest). i remember asking a friend when i was younger "what colour february is." she said "red of course" and i was like...no, it's green. she just said red because of valentines day...but f's are always green for me.

    okay, that's enough of that! just happy to meet someone similar.


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