25 April 2014

High Five!

1). This  sun-dappled forsythia. Because hello.

2). Fitting into the crawl space on the local playground. Because sometimes you need to be five.

3). Homemade chocolate chip banana bread fresh out of the oven. Because, obviously.

4). This grocery store bouquet. Because I'm really feeling purple lately.

5). This mural on the upper west side. Because all that color made me smile.

High five to these five. And, happy weekend to you!


  1. yes, yes, yes, yes & yes :)

    & the forsythia photo is gorgeous

  2. Wearing my purple shirtand a crown of woven forsythia as i crawl through kid space across from the pied beauty of a city mural, choc chip banana bread in my belly and smeared on my chin...i'll be 6 years old in October because the first digit of your age doesn't count-this moment brought to my imagination by exquisite yellow fruit : )


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