23 May 2014

Here We Go

It's so close! In my opinion, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. You can feel it in the energy of the streets. Case in point: I spent the better portion of a recent weeknight carefully researching and crafting my summer bucket list instead of cracking down and working through my photo edits, emails and end-of-school-year tasks.

Let's roll, man.

Of note:

Can't get over this creative spiderman-themed kid's party.
Orange blossom buttercream cake.
I just finished reading this book. Loved it.
Super excited for sunset yoga on the Hudson. Join if you're local!
Something to ponder: what to do with your life.
I can't wait to check out this exhibit over the weekend.

[Photos: May 2014 // Manhattan]

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  1. Summer has begun...not the biggest fan, but I'm focusing on the positives (for me)...fresh strawberries, peonies, and picnics! Happy Memorial Day!


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