05 May 2014

Snapshots // The Weekend

Two random iPhone snapshots from the weekend:

1). Saturday's view between photo sessions. I optimistically reasoned that walking back from Brooklyn into Manhattan was the best method of transport despite the gigantic pack of camera equipment on my back.

2). A new little plant and pretty ceramic pot found for $3. I decided to name it "Ivy" because I'm super creative. Bets on how how long she lives? This one and this one each lasted about six months before they perished.

Other note-worthy items not pictured:

-Sunday morning buttermilk pancakes accompanied by chocolate chips, hot coffee, & the Duke Ellington pandora station.

-This collection: New York City in 17 Syllables.

-Coming home from a 12 hour workday on Saturday to find neat stacks of clean laundry and the entire apartment dusted.

Booyah, Monday. Let's do this shiz.

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