23 June 2014

The Blue Lagoon // Iceland

We kicked off our trip with an eight-hour stopover in Iceland. Tiho purposely booked our flight to London with this layover so we could adventure to the Blue Lagoon, only a thirty-minute bus ride from the KeflavĂ­k airport. We arrived a bit groggy after a red-eye flight but perked up immediately upon entry to the lagoon.

I look forward to returning to Iceland someday to explore more of the country. From what we observed during our brief sojourn, most of the terrain is made up of open sky and massive rocks. I've never seen anything like it before. The one word that keeps springing to mind is vast. The views were breath-taking and surreal: Tiho and I both commented that it felt like we were on another planet. In the future, I would love to tour the southern coast of the country to see the wild ponies, waterfalls, glaciers and tiny coastal towns.

Here's a gratuitous (albeit grainy) iPhone pic of yours truly soaking in the hot, milky steam. We didn't dare bring the good camera anywhere near the edge.


  1. What INCREDIBLE photos! This looks like the most amazing trip.

  2. So jealous - that looks absolutely fabulous!

  3. hi kayla- my boyfriend and i are doing a 9 hour stopover in iceland in october to go to the blue lagoon. which tour company did you use and do you recommend them?


    1. Hi Erica!

      We didn't use a tour company. We were planning to just take a taxi from the airport, but when we landed, we found that they actually have a shuttle bus to and from the airport that leaves every hour for the blue lagoon and back. You can purchase the round-trip ticket plus the entry ticket to the lagoon right at the airport. Apparently, lots of people arrange this layover :)

      The lagoon also has storage lockers included in the entry fee that fit carry on-sized suitcases, since the spa anticipates airplane travelers. We found the whole process quite easy and stress-free.

      Enjoy your trip!

  4. Isn't this just the best spot!!
    My partner and I were there last year and we hitchhiked to the lagoon from where we were couchsurfing. Such a great day. One of our favourite joint memories.


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