26 June 2014

Two Frames // Paris

I've spent most of my morning going through photos from Paris and feeling completely overwhelmed with choosing what to share here. I remember feeling the same way after my first trip there three years ago. A part of me very much wants to share larger travel-recap posts but I have a feeling Paris imagery will be shared in smaller bits and pieces over the coming weeks while I take my time to work through the edits and put photo stories together.

This feels appropriate and aligned with the way I view Paris; a city to be savored slowly, luxuriously, deliberately.

Much more soon.

[Photos: June 2014 // Paris, France]


  1. I think it's divine that you will present Paris so that we can savor it slowly, luxuriously, deliberately. Thank you for sharing. :) Kat

    1. Thanks, Kat! Selfishly, I want to relive it as long as possible. :)


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