18 July 2014

All In The Details

I don't really photograph food that often anymore, and truthfully, I generally don't enjoy doing so as much as I like photographing people. But, give me a room packed to the brim with impeccably styled displays of colorful food & flowers, and I will gladly walk around for hours taking pictures of lobster, cheese and macarons.

That's what I did last Saturday night, and let me tell you, it was a lot of fun. I photographed the people in attendance at the party too, but the details of the event stole the show this time. (I can attest that it was all delicious. I obviously sampled everything).

Not pictured here, but worthy of a mention: dark chocolate-covered strawberries, trays upon trays of every hors d'oeuvres imaginable, a giant glass caviar station, Italian meatballs, and an orange Herm├ęs cake.


  1. Love the macaron stand. Any idea where to get these? Can we see more photos please. I would love to see the orange Hermes cake.

    1. Not sure where they ordered the macarons from, but there were at least five stands like this on the dessert buffet. I'll pass the question along to my client. Still editing everything, so will try and share more soon!

  2. Thank you so much for helping me find the macaron stands.


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