07 July 2014

Color Me Happy

We ended our 4th of July weekend with a bang; racing in the 2014 Brooklyn Color Run, aka 

The Happiest 5K on the Planet

It was one of those bucket list things I've wanted to do for a long time--I am so glad we finally signed up for one. We actually ran the entire thing, 'cause three miles ain't no thaaang (except my thighs are burning today, so there's that). I'd say at least half of the other participants walked, danced or skipped for most of it, which, in retrospect, is how I'd recommend approaching the whole event.

Below, a before and after comparison for you. The most fun of all takes place after you cross the finish line, when everyone goes bat-shit insane jumping and screaming underneath rainbow clouds of color. Photo booths, free swag, music and yummy treats (frozen yogurt, granola bars) abound aplenty, making for a fun-filled and memorable experience. I highly recommend participating in an event near you: check out the rest of this year's tour schedule here.

P.S. We're both still washing color off our bodies: My right armpit is purple and Tiho's left torso is blue. It all mostly comes off in the shower, although those darker colors take an extra scrubbing or two...


  1. this is so fabulous...love the fact the color is a remnant on your body...looks like fun...and 3 miles is no easy feat!

  2. Haha I love the insane comment...because it's so true! We ran the Color Run back in April and LOVED it! I even wore a tutu. One of the most fun events I've participated in. Good luck getting the color off your shirts! :)


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