31 July 2014

July 2014 Self-Portrait: Perfectly Imperfect

Okay, okay. This one could be considered a cop-out. For starters, it's an iPhone portrait. I snapped it rather halfheartedly yesterday afternoon while lying on my bed after a full day behind my computer screen. The way my hair fell made me think of mermaids; specifically, how mermaid hair is always voluminous and billowy. On a good day, my hair cooperates.

This isn't really about my hair.

I recently re-read this post from two years ago and caught myself nodding along to my own words. Sometimes I fantasize about giving up the internet completely. I also fantasize about using the internet to just lay it all out on here, no holds barred. Wouldn't that be freeing? I have so much respect for individuals who let their freak flag fly on social media. Rock on.

I want to spill my guts, too. I've felt braver lately, and am thinking about just diving in and going for it. Owning it. Letting myself write the way I know I can write.

It's easy to feel all of the feelings when you allow yourself an hour to lie back on your bed in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon and stare at the ceiling.

Right now, it's noon on Thursday and my hair absolutely does not look like that. I need to brush my teeth, answer emails, edit three sessions, order wedding and baby gifts for friends, and do another couple loads of laundry (your guess is as good as mine as to how two reasonably clean adults acquire such a huge dirty clothes pile. I mean, seriously.).

I also know that I need to switch off the internet for the rest of the day to successfully accomplish all of this, so sayonara for now!


  1. Well I just gosh dang love you

  2. I know the feeling...I think I need a little staring at the ceiling time too! :) Write those words. I'd love to read them.

  3. I love this photo, and this post–this is just how I feel most days.


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