10 July 2014

La Tour Eiffel

We visited the Eiffel Tower a couple of different times during our stay in Paris. Our second night, we spontaneously detoured there late after a lengthy day spent walking all over the city. We stayed to watch the lights sparkle and then hopped on the metro to head back to the hotel.

We saved our picnic for out last night in Paris. We arrived an hour or so before sundown and plopped down on the lawn to share a bottle of wine and treats we picked up from a local market. We opted not to climb the tower this time, mostly because the lines were long and we were lazy (and who am I kidding, sufficiently drunk). Instead, we walked underneath the tower and headed up to the plaza overlooking the Trocadéro gardens to take in the view from there. We arrived at the top of the plaza steps in prime time to take a few photos as the sky turned the prettiest shades of pastel pink and purple.

To end, a quintessential midnight shot, at which point anyone in vicinity of the view stops to gaze up and watch the lights.

Never gets old.


  1. beautiful...and agreed-never gets old. xx

  2. absolutely lovely kayla....each and every shot! XXOO


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