28 July 2014

Snapshots // Birthday Festivities

Today is my little sister's 25th birthday. We celebrated over the weekend and had a lot of fun in the process.


-Catching up with a dear family friend over dinner whom we hadn't seen in over 10 years.

-Cavorting from Manhattan to Dumbo across the Brooklyn Bridge .

-Lounging in Brooklyn Bridge Park (we had planned on kayaking, but the wait was an hour and we were hungry. Next time).

-Strolling the promenade and eating lunch in Brooklyn Heights (one of the city's most idyllic & charming neighborhoods, in my opinion. Emma and I are hatching grand plans for a future yoga/photography studio space).

-Sipping sparkling wine and taking in the breath-taking sunset skyline views aboard a Schooner sailboat.

-Sleeping in on Sunday and waking up to a delicious brunch prepared by my lovely mama who came to the city for the weekend's festivities.

To my beautiful, talented, kind, brilliant, hilarious, weird & amazing Emma: you are tremendous, and I love you SO MUCH. The world is a better place because you are alive.

[Photos: July 2014 // iPhone 5
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  1. I just got teary eyed reading this. So glad we got to celebrate together. I love you!!

  2. Lovely time, lovely pictures, great conversation, etc., etc. I love you Kayla and Emma!

  3. sounds like an awesome way to celebrate - & Happy Birthday to Emma :)


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