25 August 2014

A Good Day

Our friend Ina, who lives in Bulgaria, spent six weeks of her summer working in Boston providing her the opportunity to drive down to stay with us for a weekend earlier this summer. In honor of her visit, I planned a jam-packed Saturday to show her some of our favorite spots. I always have fun selecting activities that are catered to visitors' individual interests. If there's anything true about New York, it is this: there is something here for everyone.

We began in Williamsburg, where we sampled craft beers and toured the Brooklyn Brewery before walking a few blocks over to Smorgasburg, where we lounged on the riverfront and stuffed our faces with lobster rolls, donuts, coconut milk, truffle fries and oysters.

After the gluttony, we rode the L back into Manhattan and walked the entirety of the Highline, exiting on Gansevoort to stop by Bubby's for snowballs (I recommend the lemon/strawberry combo or sour cherry).

As the daylight tapered off, we headed back across Manhattan to catch improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in the East Village. By the time the show let out around 10 PM, we were hungry again, but satisfied shortly thereafter with falafel from Mamoun's on St. Marks Place.

It all came together to create a quintessential NYC summer day that left me feeling extra appreciative because this city is just so good when it wants to be. And for now, in this season of life, I'm grateful to have that.


  1. i want to come visit next. for reals. that weekend sounds epic.

  2. This is such a nice post. Thank you for sharing this post. Specially the food looked very nice and tasty. Hope you both had a great time.


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