27 August 2014

Magic Hour // Paris

Did you notice that I completely stink at making time to edit personal photos now, thus failing to share any from the Paris + Barcelona portions of our European trip two months ago? Glad we got that squared away. This post is me attempting to get my shiz together. You'll probably see the rest of the photos by Christmas.


The most pressing problem we faced while in Paris was where to position ourselves the hour before sunset each night in order to take advantage of prime photo-taking light. If I'd had it my way, we'd utilize a cloning machine to be everywhere at once, or better yet, a time-traveling machine enabling us to relive the magic hour over and over again.

Alas, strolling along the seine proved to be the optimal choice.

I've decided that on our next visit to Paris, I'm only taking pictures at dusk. At the very least, it would mean a lighter bag and more time for baguette consumption during the day.

P.S. What's funny about these pictures, relative to my disclaimer above, is that I barely touched them in post-processing. The light in Paris is sublime.


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