14 August 2014

Salt + Air

I greet you today while sitting at my desk, a little bit stuffed up and sniffly with a summer cold, sipping a hot cup of cranberry tea and catching up on loads of work after a week away to my most beloved place on earth, Cape Cod.

Shortly after waking each morning while on the Cape, I walked outside and immediately inhaled as deeply as I could to fill my lungs with salty air. The seemingly omnipresent restlessness I've felt in recent months subsided for the first time in a long, long while. I spent one entire afternoon lying in the hammock reading while the sun warmed my skin. A couple of different mornings found us practicing yoga. We walked the flats, watched the sunset and the moon rise over open water, ate seafood until our bellies popped, and squeezed in a wedding and abundant downtime with friends and family.

In Seven Gothic Tales, Isak Dinesen wrote "The cure for anything is salt water: tears, sweat or the sea."

At this moment, disputing the aforementioned proves futile.

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