16 September 2014


Mid-September, as it stands:

Making : Lists.
Cooking : Black bean quesadillas and sweet potato fries.
Drinking : Honey vanilla chamomile tea.
Reading: Nothing good, currently. Book suggestions?
Wanting: A new leather tote bag.
Looking: At my overstuffed lipstick pouch and how all I really need is one great red.
Playing: With four-year-olds. Year seven of classroom teaching is officially underway.
Wasting: Paper. Glue. Paint. Hours on pinterest. (See previous).
Wishing: For emails to answer themselves.
Enjoying: Oversized cozy wool socks.
Waiting: For the universe to give me a sign.
Liking: Almond milk. Surprisingly!
Wondering: What to get Tiho for his 29th birthday next month.
Loving: my husband, and how he's such a supportive partner in every way.
Hoping: That I'm able to slow down and savor fall.
Marveling: At how much the human body is impacted by diet. (RIP gluten).
Needing: A haircut.
Smelling: Cinnamon applesauce.
Wearing: My new ankle boots.
Following: The scent of coffee brewing in the morning.
Noticing: How much shorter the days are becoming.
Knowing: That everything happens in its own time.
Thinking: About Acupuncture. I'm scheduling my first session soon and feeling a little nervous.
Bookmarking: Curriculum ideas.
Opening: Hand-written letters from my grandmother. Reading them causes me to miss my other grandmother.
Giggling: At the ridiculous things people post on social media. 
Feeling: Optimistic.

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  1. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children makes for an unexpected, engaging and delightful read! Ransom Riggs is the author. Best, Katherine

    1. Thanks for the rec! Will add it to my iPad for the morning commute.

  2. Is it weird that I'm getting a "baby planning" vibe from this post? Am I right?! ;)

    1. yes! facing a few conceiving complications but remaining hopeful that a baby will come when it is supposed to. :)


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