26 September 2014

Park Güell // Barcelona

Hands down, the most magical place in Barcelona we visited was Park Güell, designed by Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudí. It feels silly for me to try and describe the beauty here, because truly, there aren't adequate words.

I revisited my folder containing over 1,000 images from the Barcelona portion of our trip and felt immediately drawn to this set when deciding what to share first. The reason I'm not looking at the camera in any of the above pictures is because it was approximately 900 degrees and oppressively sunny, which made looking directly upwards or outwards almost painful (I promise I was happy!). That's also why I have a scarf turban on my head--sunblock alone wasn't cutting it.

I couldn't stop zeroing in on the mosaic tile work located in the main terrace area of the park. I remember thinking, damn, there's no way I'm going to get any decent shots with the midday sun and hoards of people around (obviously less than ideal photo conditions), but I'm pretty thrilled with these.

Gaudí is that incredible.


P.S. Lots of Barcelona (and more Paris) coming soon.


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