02 September 2014


September is my restart month. Birthday on the 1st, a new class of kiddos a week or two later, the official turn of seasons a week after that. I've been around this block a time or two, and fully recognize the necessity of prioritizing self-care while readjusting to new schedules and routines.

Here are five ways I plan to stay healthy + sane this fall:

1). Planning easy, nutritious meals every Sunday & making sure the fridge and pantry are stocked with essentials. I recently made the decision to go mostly grain and dairy-free (another post for another day). In order to do this and not turn into a complete crazy person, I know how vital it will be to plan ahead. In the past, I've always tried to commit to weekly meal-planning but then very quickly end up dropping the ball. This time around, I'm prepared. We have a meal calendar posted on the fridge, rotating grocery lists and a thorough document in a shared folder on google drive dedicated solely to meal ideas and inspiration. I'll be bringing all of my snack and lunch ingredients to work every Monday so I don't have to think about it again until the following Sunday. One less thing to worry about each morning.

2). Leaving one full weekend day free (a stay at home/local errands only day). This is hard, especially with the photo business. Once school starts up again, my teaching schedule limits photo sessions to Saturdays and Sundays. Last year, I made the mistake of over-booking every weekend in order to capitalize on revenue. That meant there were several weeks where I worked seven days in a row with virtually no break. This year, I know that while the money may be tempting, my sanity is infinitely more important. Therefore, I'm limiting my fall availability to no more than six sessions per month (preferably scheduling two back-to-back sessions on the same day each weekend). This will mean turning inquiries away, and I really hate to do that, but I know that I must in order to function properly and deliver clients the most optimal experience.

3). Treating myself to a monthly manicure/pedicure. This one is certainly a luxury, but always feels so wonderful for the hour I'm in the chair. Not much else to say about that.

4). Going to bed by 10:30 every weeknight, sans phone or laptop. Doesn't sound hard, but man, I tend to get a second wind around 10:00 PM and then end up sabotaging myself when I look at the clock, realize it's well after midnight and panic about the maximum 5.5 hours of sleep I'll get that night. Not good. My alarm goes off at 6:00 AM. Repeat after me: a rested Kayla is a happy Kayla. So, 10:30 it is.

5). Commit to two weekly yoga classes and one meditation class. I talked more about yoga in this post, and I know how good I feel when I practice regularly. Thankfully, my sister keeps me in line and always accompanies me out for tacos afterwards. Win win.

Let's recap: eat well, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and value personal leisure time.

Sounds about right, yeah?

P.S. 55 Gentle Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You're Busy Busy Busy. Such great tips!


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