11 January 2015

2015 // Love Well

Oh, hey. Happy New Year! I hope you've got your feet curled up under something nice and cozy. I'm trudging along in my usual January slump. I know everyone is all "Rock on, January!  Resolutions! Fresh starts!"

I'm side-eyeing those people something fierce. This month is most definitely not my fave.

Anyway, now that you've been sufficiently greeted by grumpy mcgrumperston, how about a little fun?

Pictured above (next to the gratuitous self-portrait) is this year's happy-maker, presented to Tiho on Christmas day. I planned a year of dates, one for each month of 2015. We're pretty good about romancing each other, but we're also pretty good at being complete homebodies and never leaving our couch. I'm super stoked to bring back date night and celebrate our love all year long.

I tried to plan seasonal dates based on our individual and common interests. Tiho is a total adrenaline junkie and loves outdoorsy and sporty activities, so the rock climbing, trapeze class, kayaking and pro-football game were specifically picked for him (I'm pumped too!). A hot air balloon ride has been on my bucket list forever, so I figured that will be the splurge for our 4-year wedding anniversary in September. We just booked the "sexy" cooking class for Valentine's Day (woop woop!) and will kick off this whole shebang with a jazz show & dinner at the end of the month. We may choose to amend a plan or two depending on our interests and circumstances each month, but we're both fully committed to following through with twelve monthly dates.

"Loving well" in 2015. That's my only resolution this year.


  1. This ALL looks like a blast! Love this idea, especially as a gift!

  2. sounds like a wonderful resolution :)

  3. This is so stinkin cute! We totally fail at planning good dates so I am totally stealing this idea. Also, how on earth has it almost already been 4 years since we both got married!!??!
    Also, YOUR HAIR!!!


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