26 January 2015

Kiddo Art

[Easel Painting: neon dot splatters on paper]

[Mixed Media // "The City At Night." Sharpie and watercolor buildings cut & pasted onto black paper. Tinfoil and star stickers represent light]

[Cozy Winter Hats: cardstock, patterned craft tape, felt, pompoms, glue, scissors]

 [Snow People Collage: doilies, construction paper, felt, foam shapes, buttons, clear glue, scissors]

 [Melted Snowman: tempera paint in "hot colors," homemade white puffy paint and assorted collage materials]

["Inside My Imagination" // Pastels & Liquid Watercolor]
 "It's a magical bridge stretching over a giant machine that makes candy. I'm on top of the bridge trying to catch the candy that's flying through the air. My family is at the bottom because I love them."

...A small assortment of recently produced artwork by the creative kiddos in my Pre-K classroom. 


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