21 March 2015

Straw & Feather

Spring is coming, spring is coming,
Birdies build your nests.
Weave together straw and feather,
Doing each your best.

Spring is coming, spring is coming,
Flowers are waking too.
Daisies, lilies, daffo-dillies,
All are coming through.

Spring is coming, spring is coming,
All around is fair.
Shimmer, glimmer, on the river,
Joy is everywhere.

Daffodils symbolize the first whispered breaths of spring: they represent hopefulness, joy, new beginnings, warmth, sunshine, rebirth.

Do you know that in ancient herbalism and medicine, the scent of a daffodil was used as an intoxicant? For the over-thinkers, or the anxious, breathing in the scent significantly relaxes and calms the mind. No wonder I can't stop placing little glass jars in every room.

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