27 March 2015

The Week's End + Online Reccs

I woke up early this morning for an appointment and was almost immediately lulled back to sleep by the rain hitting the window. I've had these past two weeks off from work (the perks of teaching in a private school--spring break for half of March!), and my plan for the remainder of the day involves organizing my closet, laying in bed with a book and cup of tea, and taking an afternoon stroll into town for dinner provisions, flowers and a manicure. Life is rough, I know. :)

I took this photo last week when I was visiting my mom for a few days on the Cape. We were driving home from the store when we--quite literally--stopped in our tracks in order to watch the sky do completely amazing tricks.

The other day, I was visiting my friend Elizabeth and her brand new squishy little baby, Thea. We were talking about blog-reading and offering suggestions based on the various sites we visit on a regular basis. I've been reading blogs for years (nearly the entirety of my twenties) and have whittled down my loyalty to a small handful. I used to be super into design blogs and now only follow one or two. Same goes for food and fashion blogs. I feel like most people read what interests them based on wherever they are in life. At least that's true for me. Here's 20 current favorites below:

Coffee + Crumbs
Camp Patton
Where My Heart Resides
Tulips & Flightsuits
Mockabee 7
Babyccino Kids
Love Taza
Practising Simplicity

Emily Henderson
Yellow Brick Home
Smitten Studio

Wit + Delight
Design for Mankind
Reading My Tea Leaves
Hither & Thither
Cup of Jo
Laken B. Nix
Oh Joy!

Sprouted Kitchen

Making Room

Bonus...10 instagrammers I love: @angelahardison, @ameliamarthelia, @childhoodunplugged, @kaeyelch, @amandajanejones, @mamawatters, @courtneyadamo, @bythebrush, @pobke, @alice_gao

Any must-read online favorites I should check out?

Here's to a restful, fulfilling weekend for us all!


  1. I also follow a lot of the same blogs! But I love a good recommendation. I just got lost on Where My Heart Resides for the past ten minutes, so thank you :)


  2. thank you so much my friend...honored to be included! xo

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