16 June 2015

Favorites For Baby

1). The most adorable hand-crafted baby shoes from Ajalor on Etsy. I've had her shop bookmarked for years and can't wait to finally put a pair on my little girl's itty bitty feet.

2). Milkbarn Organic: I love everything this company makes, especially the sweet & modern animal prints on all of the products (baby clothing, swaddle blankets, burp cloths, etc.).

3). Lightweight muslin swaddling blankets from Little Unicorn Shop. I recently discovered them and will be adding a couple to my registry.

4). Rompers from Winter Water Factory, a Brooklyn-based company offering certified organic baby clothing and accessories. I appreciate the fun, colorful & graphic prints.

5). Assorted toys and accessories (all made in the USA!): Classic Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks; Bonnets from Petite Soul; Heirloom knitted rattles and stuffed animals by Polka Dot Club; and Baby clutching/teething beads. I'm a sucker for anything rainbow-hued.

I'd love to hear any other must-have brands/products/discoveries from all you mamas of little ones! In another life, I plan to open a curated boutique with all the best stuff. ;)


  1. Fashionable shows and clothing its really awesome.Can you please share a link where i can bought these one. Please share if you have any resource.

  2. Very cute shoes. Colors are awesome.


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