01 June 2015

Shakespeare Garden & Strawberry Fields

The only perk of pregnancy sickness and exhaustion is the fact that Tiho now drives me to shoots and sticks around to help with equipment. This means we get a lot of bonus "dates" after spending Saturday mornings chasing toddlers around parks and playgrounds.

Last weekend, I had an early session in Central Park's Shakespeare Garden. I love that place. It's one of my most popular spots for client sessions because it always has amazing light and provides a gorgeous backdrop for photos. After the session wrapped, (here's a peek on instagram), we strolled through the ramble down to the John Lennon memorial, aka Strawberry Fields, and then went and enjoyed lunch and our first couple visit to Giggle (a baby store).

We tested out a couple of strollers and carseats (even though I'm already 99% decided on those two purchases) before getting the shock of our lives when the store manager came up to us in a booming voice and said "Congratulations! You're the lucky winners! In honor of Memorial Day, I am offering one and only one customer 20% off anything in the store." Um, what? Okay then! So we officially bought our first (and by far, biggest) baby purchase: the most comfortable glider I have ever sat in. Even Tiho agreed, and trust me, he's a tough sell. It should arrive next month and will replace a chair in our living room...'cause baby is pretty much only getting a corner in this one-bedroom apartment!


  1. Nice flowers and a very nice smile! And the roses on the Imagine decor, perfect.


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