25 June 2015

Watermelon Bubblegum

It's that time of year when everything is watermelon, bubblegum and orange creamsicle: I don't hate it one bit. Here are a few favorites inspired by summer's boldest colors...

1). Citrus Art! I would hang an oversized version of this in my kitchen.

2). The perfect pop of red by Ilia Beauty (all natural, too).

3). Giant confetti balloons. Hey mom? Maybe we can incorporate a few of these into my baby shower this fall?

4). A polka-dotted children's ukulele just because it's adorable.

5). The most gorgeous set of building blocks...ever.

6). I'm quickly learning that baby rompers are my biggest weakness in life.

7). A favorite book for little hands by none other than HervĂ© Tullet.

8). This beet, avocado & fried goat cheese salad is what all my culinary dreams are made of.

9). Britt Bass Turner's original paintings on canvas and wood = happymakers.

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