27 July 2015

Connecticut Wine Trail

I spent the weekend participating in bachelorette festivities with my some of closest friends from high school. Alyson, that gorgeous woman in blue up there, is getting married this October, so we celebrated with dresses and plentiful wine-consumption at an assortment of vineyards in southern coastal Connecticut. I myself did not sample more than a sip or two of a delicious crisp white (ahem, pregnant), but let me tell you, the creamy camembert cheese wrapped in puff pastry and served with salted caramel sauce and poached apples & pears was divine!

For those interested, we went to Chamard Vineyard and Gouveia Vineyard: I'd highly recommend both, although Chamard gains a few bonus points for the gourmet menu, engaging staff, friendly dog visitors and live music.


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