29 July 2015

Things I Like Right Now

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I'm feeling especially greedy for ALL OF THE THINGS. Actually, I can identify the culprit: nesting mode is a very, very real thing and I'm totally succumbing to its influence.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1). A flutter sleeve top to dress the babe in next summer;

2). This braided up-do, because I'm trying to master how to appear stylish with my hair completely off my face & neck (humidity is no joke);

3). A sweet sentiment to hang in the bedroom, recently purchased from the MOMA store;

4). A new rug (and bold color palette!) in the living room. I keep imagining how much time we'll spend on the floor in the months to come and want to refresh the space.

5). This ceramic toast plate. Highly impractical, but adorable nonetheless.

6). Baby knits. Especially of the playsuit variety.

7). These woven placemats, because I'm tired of wiping the kitchen table down after every meal (shaking something out just sounds less arduous).

8). Chocolate espresso cinnamon rolls for when the temperatures dip and I can fathom actually turning the oven on.

9). A cozy, light-weight robe to curl up in this fall when nothing else in my wardrobe fits.


  1. this:
    makes me think of you!

  2. this does too, but not quite as much because I want it to be more natural looking:


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