01 August 2015

Hello, August!

A little bit of life lately, courtesy of my iPhone. Actually, not. My phone camera has been broken since late May. When I went to the Apple Store to get it fixed, there happened to be a three-hour wait when I had somewhere else I needed to be in two hours. So, for more than two months now, I've been stealing other people's phones to take photos and then sending them to myself. Priority item on August's agenda? Get the damn phone fixed while it's still under warranty!

Highlights from the past couple of weeks: Popsicles from Trader Joe's (pictured is the "fruit frenzy bar II" in grape, tangerine & blood orange...so delicious), farmers' market bouquets, Emma's birthday celebration involving a luxurious day at the spa (heaven), blueberries & peaches (just give me all of the fruit), a 22-week belly in my favorite dress, and dinners out with people I love, especially this guy.

[More on instagram!]


  1. Stunning, colourful happy photos! Thank you for sharing, made me smile! x

  2. such a lovely collection of images & that popsicle looks/sounds amazing.

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