28 September 2015

A New Mama Style Wishlist

Fall time always strikes me as a rebirth of sorts, and no matter where my life or career takes me, I doubt I'll ever be able to mentally move beyond the school calendar as an annual marker for the passage of time.

Growing up, the turn of season--and specifically, back to school--often signified a few special new additions to my wardrobe. This is the first year in forever where I haven't done much (if any) shopping for myself, mostly because it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense with a seven-month pregnant belly and the uncertainty of what shape or size my postpartum body will become.

That being said, I've started to think a bit about what my own personal style will morph into once this baby is on the outside! Anything I purchase in the weeks and months ahead will need to meet specific criteria:

1). Be nursing friendly.
2). Be comfortable & forgiving.

Below, a few essentials I'd love to incorporate into my "New Mama" wardrobe. The older I get, the closer I pay attention to the quality of my purchases: I would much rather spend more on a few select investment pieces that I know I'll return to again and again:

Easy-access button down shirts. I would love to add this silk version in a pretty color to my rotation for days I venture out of the house.

A nursing bra that makes me feel feminine and sexy. I have three no-nonsense ones from Target that I'm sure will do the trick just fine, but I'd love to own one slightly fancier bra to make me feel great about leaky boobs.

A new pair of high-quality (i.e. non-see through) leggings. Paired with the button down and some cute shoes, dare I say I'll look stylish?

A diaper bag that doesn't scream diaper bag. I've been advised by many fellow moms to go the backpack route. This one is pricey as far as these things go, but I love the understated style and the fact that it can be carried as both a shoulder bag and backpack.

casual shirtdress in the season's coziest pattern to pair with leggings and ankle boots.

Simple gold jewelry. Tiho gave me this much-coveted ring with our daughter's first initial for my birthday earlier this month: I haven't removed it from my right hand since receiving it.

A robe that doesn't scream "grandma." For some reason, I've always associated bathrobes with elderly ladies who watch afternoon soap operas, and thus, I've never really been into wearing one. Lately though, I love the thought of throwing on a delicate, lightweight robe while snuggling up with baby (probably over this nursing nightgown, of which I'll likely order a few).

A new gold(!) water bottle to stay hydrated while breast-feeding. I own and love the Klean Kanteen and appreciate how it keeps my beverages cold for 12+ hours. This one claims to do the same and is just so damn pleasing to the eye. I'm not sure I can resist.

High quality slip-on shoes that will help me feel pulled-together in jeans and a tee. I've got my eye on these classic leather loafers from Everlane.


Anything I'm forgetting? Here's to the goal of maintaining personal style post-pregnancy.


  1. I love all of these... I would go for any/all and there is no baby in my present or even near future!

  2. I'm totally in need of more button down shirts! So far, I've been living in nursing tanks with a cardigan or kimono with my maternity leggings / jeans - they feel so good, I want to wear them forever! ;)

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