18 September 2015

Snapshots // September

Ah, sweet September. This has been a busy and monumental month for us. It's also the first September since 1990 where I haven't started a new school year in some capacity: strange!

A bit of life lately:

1). It's full-on nesting mode 'round these parts. I hung my new "Be Kind" banner from Matriarch Handmade and am loving the daily reminder on our living room wall.

2). Every day, I do some form of sorting/organizing with the multitude of tiny things we're accumulating. I'm a big fan of everything soft & neutral for our littlest one.

3). Speaking of baby, she has a place to sleep! After Tiho assembled the moses basket on the rocking stand, he immediately proclaimed how "huge" it was and that "she can sleep in it until she's four!" :)

4). And oh my husband: to say I'm proud of him would be an understatement. On Wednesday, September 16th, he officially became a United States Citizen after a long and arduous process (he immigrated here for college eleven years ago and we've experienced most of the steps together throughout the past six years, including paperwork, lawyers & interviews). His oath ceremony earlier this week was a very special day for both of us.

5). At this point in my pregnancy, there's not much I appreciate more than an afternoon catnap on clean sheets.

6). And last, a perfect snapshot of life right now: sunflowers, grape juice (craving it something fierce) and a belly that pokes out and gets in the way of picture-taking.

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