16 October 2015

Mid-October, As It Stands

Making : Serious side-eye at Donald Trump.
Cooking : Dinner every night. Weekly meal-planning is a sanity-saver.
Drinking : Glass after glass of water. Always thirsty! Also, grape juice. 
Reading: Great With Child: Letters to a Young Mother by Beth Ann Fennelly.
Wanting: This on-the-go handwash, this book and this footstool pouf.
Looking: At my silhouette reflection in everything (including shiny office building facades. No shame).
Playing: With blocks. Specifically these and these.
Wasting: Wipes? They're especially convenient for cleaning grotty tv remotes.
Wishing: For this little babe to enter the world safely and swiftly.
Enjoying: All of the festive Halloween decorations around the neighborhood.
Waiting: For dusty shelves to figure out to clean themselves. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Liking: Sweater weather.
Wondering: What babies think about inside the womb.
Loving: Our plush new rug in the living room.
Hoping: That my grandfather passes on peacefully.
Marveling: At the fact that there is real person inside of me. Wild.
Needing: A hot water bottle on my lower back after spending any sort of time in a desk chair.
Smelling: Apple cider and eucalyptus. 
Wearing: My husband's t-shirts to bed every night.
Trusting: That my body knows what to do.
Noticing: How strangers see my belly and then smile or comment.
Knowing: Not a whole lot about taking care of a newborn. 
Thinking: About how I loved my bridesmaid hairstyle at my best friend's wedding (pictured).
Bookmarking: Hospital bag packing checklists and easy freezer meals.
Opening: Packages containing assorted tiny things such as snot suckers, teethers and stuffed toys.
Feeling: Joyful.


Oh what a difference a year makes! See previous list here.

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