28 October 2015

Neighborhood Spooktacular!

Our neighborhood goes all out with holiday decorating. It's pretty much the best thing ever.

A skeleton riding a bicycle, complete with a helmet to protect dem bones? Check. An orange claw-footed bathtub filled with seasonal flowers? Check. (And that house? Sigh).

Spooky creatures hanging from porches and blowing in the wind? Check.

Trees on every corner in the most vibrant shades of orange, rust and gold? Check. The lawn of the local library becoming overrun with various creepy storybook characters and tombstones? Check.

All of the small business storefront windows displaying Halloween scenes painted by local elementary-school children? Check.

Oh how I love this season. And oh how I love our festive little town.


  1. Haha, I love that skeleton.
    So much sighing going on about these houses. I second that.

  2. You have the best neighborhood! And I thought ours was festive. So fun - can't wait for Halloween! Do you have a costume for your bump? :) xo

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