24 October 2015

Photo 101: Capturing Authentic Shots of Your Kids

I've been thinking about starting a series on the blog where I can share various photo tips and tricks I've learned over the last few years as a professional photographer. I classify myself primarily as a portrait photographer because taking pictures of people--specifically, the interactions between people--is what makes my heart sing.

To kick things off, I thought I'd offer up three tried and true tips on how to obtain awesome photos of your children.

Tip #1: Make Them Laugh. There is nothing I abhor more than portrait sessions where everyone is posed stiffly with parents shouting "say cheese!" while the kids paste on forced, plastic smiles. (You know what I'm taking about. I'm looking at you, JC Penny). Get your kids to laugh! Make fart noises, contort your body into ridiculous positions, tickle them, honestly, do whatever it takes. I guarantee even the most stoic child will laugh eventually if you're willing to bring on the sillies.

Tip #2: Incorporate Movement. I admit, this skill takes practice. You have to know what you're doing with a camera in order to avoid motion blur (Pro-tip: increase your shutter speed). But, when you do succeed in capturing your child in motion, whether it be dancing, jumping, spinning, etc., you're capturing your child as a child. Kids like to move! Embrace it. Movement brings life to a photo. What's better than that?

Tip #3: Change Your Perspective. As adults, we often forget that kids are little people: little, as in, a lot smaller than us. Getting down to their level, or on a totally different level from them, makes for a dynamic photograph. Lay on your stomach and shoot up. Climb on a chair and shoot down. Shoot through a barrier. Crouch right in front of them and point the lens directly opposite their face. Your perspective suddenly becomes a child's perspective, which makes for a far more interesting composition.

I hope the aforementioned tips and examples were helpful. 'Tis certainly the season for photo-taking with the holidays right around the corner, so happy shooting!


  1. Great tips! I've learned after three years of shooting my twins that laughter and fun absolutely makes for better shots, and they sense when I'm not having fun behind the camera. And yes, thank goodness for fast shutter speeds - toddlers are FAST. ;)

  2. I love your style! Shots of real emotions and interaction are so much more precious to me than a forced posed portrait. You are so good at capturing real laughter - those shots are adorable!

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