09 November 2015

Packing a Hospital Bag

I was not someone who planned to bring a whole lot of "gear" with me to the hospital. I am totally fine wearing the hospital gowns for the duration of my stay (why create more laundry?!) and therefore, figured my hospital bag contents would be fairly minimal.

Ha! I couldn't help but make a list to keep myself organized: I've included it below, and it sure doesn't seem minimal to me now. Any advice for additional items to include or for things to leave behind? I made my packing list based on advice garnered from others, as well as my own preferences. But obviously, I've never done this before, so I'm very open to hearing from anyone with seasoned insight. My doula will bring along a few extra labor-assist items such as an exercise ball and massage tools.

Clothing for Mama:
Nursing Bras (2)
Cozy socks (2-3)
Lightweight Bathrobe (1)
Pack of black cotton undies in large size
Outfit to wear home (maternity leggings, t-shirt, loose cardigan sweatshirt)
Flip-flops for shower

Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, face wash, soap, lotion, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, lip balm, etc.)
Makeup bag
Hairbrush/Comb + extra hair ties
Disposable Nursing Pads
Recovery Items (nipple cream, soothing bottom spray, arnica oil, maxi pads, vitamins, belly bandit)

Reusable water bottle + a few bottles of gatorade
Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, Trail Mix

Hospital Registration Form
Pediatrician Contact Info
Midwife +  Doula Contact Info
Copies of insurance cards + driver's license
Folder for baby's paperwork (birth certificate info, forms, etc.)
Notebook + Pen

Fully charged camera with formatted SD cards
Laptop/iPad + charger
Phone + charger
Friends & Family email contact list to send the initial "she's here!" announcement

For Baby:
Going Home Outfit (Onesie, leggings, booties, hat, sweater, extra footie pajamas)
Car Seat

For Tiho:
Toiletries Kit
Boxers + Socks (2-3)
Sweatpants (1)
T-shirts (2-3)
Hoodie (1)
Flip-Flops for shower

Plastic bag for dirty laundry
Quarters for vending machine
Baby Book (for foot/hand prints)
Nurse Gifts (Edibles?)
Breath Mints


Whew! Go ahead and make fun of me now. It's cool.

*There are additional common items that several packing lists recommend which I personally don't find necessary, such as diapers/wipes/pacifiers/swaddle blankets (will use hospital-provided ones) and my own pillow/towel (why the hassle?).

**Top photo shows baby girl's items. They're definitely the prettiest of the bunch!


  1. From what I've heard, make sure the slippers you bring for yourself are ones you don't care about. Not only do they get dirty from the hospital floor, but they can get destroyed from things that come out of you while you walk around hoping baby will come.

    1. Ah yes, everyone tells me to bring things that are very dark in color or things I don't mind "sacrificing to the cause." My slippers are just cheapies from Target, so no attachment. :)

  2. You are so sweet to think of nurse gifts! The nursing bra will be good for when you leave, but you most likely will not need it for your stay since learning to nurse is complicated enough without having to mess with a new kind of bra, and the hospital gowns allow for all the access you need...Also, the hospital should provide you with some (GIANT) pads and lovely one-size-fits-all gauzy underwear, (or as I like to call it, "hospital lingerie") so you might not need those. But honestly, you should just bring whatever you think you might need or want because it's all about you feeling prepared for your first birth. Then you can chuckle later about all the stuff you brought but didn't end up using. My husband and I bonded over a word search book when I had my first baby...I was glad to have it because there were lots of lulls in the action that I hadn't quite anticipated. Good luck, you will do awesome!

    1. Thanks so much for the input! I totally plan on wearing the mesh underwear throughout the stay, and yes, nursing bra will mostly just be to travel home in.

  3. If you have a nursing pillow (like a brestfriend or Boppy) I recommend packing it. I know it's weird, but I packed Depends instead of dealing with the mesh undies when I had my second son. They were much easier if you can muster a serious face at the grocery store. ����

  4. Wow, I'm so glad I found your blog. The clothes that you picked are so beautiful!! I hope some day when I have a baby they will be as pretty as these little ones.

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