08 January 2016

Baby Toes + Links

Happy weekend! I'm currently kissing these tiny toes while binge-watching HGTV reruns. Bliss, I tell ya.

It's funny: being home with a newborn in the winter months means a lot of time spent indoors. If you have any recommendations for an awesome tv series to get sucked into for all of these hours spent nursing, I'm all ears. To give you an idea of what I enjoy, I've seen and love: Homeland, The Affair, House of Cards, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Dexter, etc. So, basically, anything crime-related or full of intrigue and mystery. Would truly appreciate suggestions, so throw 'em at me!

For your pleasure: a few recently-bookmarked links below.  Here's to a relaxing weekend filled with slowness & sweetness.

52 Places to Visit in 2016. Hello, wanderlust.

Interview with a Toddler. This clip is pure GOLD.

Lessons Learned from the Decluttering Bible. My own goal this winter? Do this to every closet and cabinet in our apartment.

I'm a longtime admirer of Lovechild Photo. Rumor has it, they're holding a pop-up session in Brooklyn this year. Can't wait to sign Felicity up!

Speaking of Felicity, I couldn't resist this adorable outfit for Valentine's Day.

Real, Cringe-Worthy Stories from Upper East Side Nannies. I know this world all too well, and find these both hilarious and appalling.

I have yet to purchase a 2016 wall calendar, and oh man, this one is SO pretty.

Equally beautiful as it is heartbreaking. Hug your loved ones tight.

And last, something light. Because, we all need this reminder sometimes, yes?


  1. I just watch Interview with a Toddler. Oh my god... that was amazing. Laugh so loud I wake up my cousin. Thank you for the tips. kiss the toes.

  2. You might like the British show "Happy Valley"!

  3. It will be cheeky: simply being place by having a toddler on the winter season means that 100s of hours paid out in the house. If you suffer from whatever strategies for an outstanding television programs selection to generate was terrible right into just for all of them periods paid out looking after, We're all of the favourite songs. We are able to an outline about the things I love, Concerning personally seen and additionally absolutely love: Homeland, All the Relationship, Family home about Bank cards, Unlawful Paper hearts, Regulations & Request: SVU, Dexter, accessories. For that reason, pretty much, just about anything crime-related or possibly jam packed with interest and additionally sense of mystery.

  4. We could a plan concerning the points I really like, Regarding individually observed and also completely adore: Homeland, All of the Romantic relationship, Home regarding Charge cards, Illegal Document minds, Rules & Ask for: SVU, Dexter, add-ons. Because of this, virtually, anything crime-related or even quickly pull full of curiosity and also feeling associated with secret.

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