23 January 2016

Five Minutes With a Five-Week-Old: A Photo Story

In which I present our Saturday morning wake-up...

...Hello there!

What's this? You want to take my picture?

 Mom, please. I just woke up. I need to put my face on.

Back the eff up. I'm not playing around.

Seriously? I will fight you.

 Okay fineeeee. I'll give you a shot.

Oh alright, here's another one.

I guess I can smile. Wait for it.

Aha! There it is.

Yeah, I know I'm cute. Get that close-up.

Workin' it.

Oh this is too much fun! Here's my funny face.

Make sure you get a natural one. Wouldn't want anyone to think I'm trying too hard.

What's that? Daddy's finger!

I like fingers. I'll show you my trick.

 I grabbed it! So pleased with myself.

You're leaving now?

Not before Daddy comes back in for a nose tickle and almost drops the iPad on my head.

We finished now? Good. Back to sleep.

The end.


Post Script
(two hours later):

No I absolutely do not want to sit here. I want more milk. Now! Why aren't you listening to me!?

Over and out. This time snuggled in my favorite spot...Mom's arms.

The end. (For real).


  1. This is the sweetest post ever!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Laughing so hard and just perfect captions...love, love, love this post!!! mom XXOO

  4. Omg I this is just too cute!! Your lil girl has some personality at 5 weeks!! Absolutely adorable!!!! I want to have a lil one so bad now...

  5. Love this post! I might just copy it! (That is if I can get myself to go back to blogging!!)

  6. Hi little one. So cute! So expressive. Gorgeous!

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