19 February 2016


This little nugget had her two-month well check at the pediatrician this morning complete with her first round of shots. She did so great! No tears until *after* it was all over and I placed her down on the table to put her clothing back on. Ha. What a drama queen.

She is 23.2 inches long and weighs just over 11 lbs, which makes her tall and skinny-ish (73% for height and 38% for weight). That's hilarious to me. Could my vertically-challenged genes have produced a basketball player? I suppose time will tell.

The rest of today shall be spent snuggling because I'm back on the clock tomorrow. I have my first photo session of the season (a newborn, hooray!) and while I'm a bit anxious to leave her for the day, I'm equally as excited to dust off the proverbial cobwebs and get my creative juices flowing again. There are five bottles of breastmilk in the freezer, so Tiho is well-stocked for a cozy Saturday with our girl.

Below, a few links I enjoyed this week and thought you might too:

Watch Adele and Ellen prank Jamba Juice employees. I laughed out loud.

Why Kids Need to Learn Philosophy. A really interesting read that I whole-heartedly agree with. (Fun fact: I minored in Philosophy during undergrad).

Some Days I Amaze Myself. So funny and so true.

The New York City Ballet's instagram feed is a work of art. (via Cup of Jo).

Rest in Peace, Harper Lee.

Hallelujah for disposable mesh underwear. I hoarded these after childbirth.

We ordered Felicity this portable mobile, which makes me shudder (plastic! batteries!). I'm trying my best to swallow my snobbiness though, because apparently, babies love it. In the same vein, any recommendations for awesome infant toys? We're beginning to introduce some things as she shows interest & agility: I'd love any suggestions for what your little ones adored during the first year.

And last, a gratuitous glamour shot of my little miss testing out her new crib this week. We're still co-sleeping and plan to continue for several more weeks, but figured we'd get this set up to slowly transition her for naps and general chill time. My big girl!


  1. How cute is in pink. Thank you for the links. Laundry in the oven... close enough, in dishwasher. Even I was thinking how am I going to arrange them inside.

  2. How cute she is ! she looks gorgeous with light pink dress and environment.

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  3. Her son was so funny ,, especially when asleep like that

  4. she looks beautiful with the pink dress ,.

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