08 February 2016

What's In A Name (The Beginning)

Eight weeks. Eight weeks! That's precisely how much time has passed since my baby came into this world. What the what? The old (pre-mom) me is biting my lip, thinking about the items on my to-do list which continuously fail to get checked off each week:

Thank you notes. Soon, I promise!
Dusting the baseboards. Never, probably.
Booking my flight for a conference this spring. This week, hopefully.
Returning client emails. Tomorrow, definitely.
Taxes. Done, thankfully! (Thank you, Tiho).
Drafting her birth story and twenty other post ideas floating around in my head. Eventually, maybe.

Truthfully, the new me hardly cares. Some of it will get done. Some of it won't. My time is no longer completely my own, and that's okay. I do miss writing and sharing here though, and I'd like to get back into that habit on a semi-regular basis. I'm aiming for one delegated nap time per week to draft some thoughts and churn out a post or two.

So, in the spirit of beginning, let's start with a name, and why we chose hers. The rest shall follow...in time, of course.


Felicity Claire.  We've had this name picked out for years. I can't remember exactly how we came to land on it, but I vaguely recall a long-ago conversation before marriage where we unanimously agreed that if we were ever blessed with a daughter, we'd call her Felicity.

For me, the meaning is everything. Felicity is of Latin origin and means "happiness."
Claire is a family name (my great-grandmother's). Claire is of French origin and means "bright & clear" or "light."

Together? Happiness + Light. 

I cannot think of a more fitting name for our sweet, joyful, delightful baby girl.


  1. What a beautiful name with a lovely meaning!! =)

  2. The perfect name for a beautiful baby girl!

  3. thanks


  4. I like it very much. I like to read your article. It is interesting and very catchy. Your baby is the most cute.


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