16 August 2016

My Registry Picks With The Baby Cubby

When I was pregnant with Felicity, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the superpower that is the baby gear industry. There is so much "stuff" everyone tells you to buy and knowing what products and brands to choose can feel daunting.

The truth of the matter? You really don't need much.  I'm a big believer in quality over quantity and that's why I'm excited to partner with The Baby Cubby to share some of my personal favorite new baby picks with you.

But first, a little bit about The Baby Cubby and what makes them different from the other big box baby stores: The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged. Their team is made up of parents who have been there and know what it’s like: they are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is.  

How do they accomplish this? The source the absolute best and safest baby gear so parents can shop confidently. Their team spends hundreds of hours researching so we don't have to. Everything in the store is top-of-the-line. Moreover, they always price-match (even Amazon!), so you know you're getting a great deal. Additional perks? Free shipping nationwide and active engagement with parents via social media and the cubby community blog to discuss a variety of topics on parenting. You can read more about their mission right here.

Below, I've rounded up a selection of my favorite products offered on their site. I have personally used (and loved!) each and every one of these products/brands with Felicity, so yeah, consider me super impressed that they've already done the dirty work and sourced all of these awesome finds. 

1). Maxi Cosi Car Seat. We just purchased this convertible carseat for Felicity now that she's nearing the height limit for her infant seat (we used and loved the Nuna Pipa for the first eight months, also stocked at The Baby Cubby).

2). Petit Pehr Nursery Decor. Crib sheets, mobiles, storage bins...Petit Pehr makes the most adorably understated designs. We use one of the pompom baskets to store Felicity's blocks on the floor so she can easily access them.

3). Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair. Easy to clean, durable, modern and grows with baby through childhood. Every mom I know who owns one agrees that it's a stellar product.

4). Comotomo Bottles. Felicity is mostly breastfed but I need her to take bottles of pumped milk when I work or travel for photo sessions. We introduced this bottle when she was three weeks old and she guzzled it without a single problem! In my opinion, it's the best on the market for smooth transitions between bottle and breast.

5). Little Unicorn Swaddle Blankets. Cutest, softest swaddle blankets we own and now my go-to baby gift. They get softer and more snuggly with each wash. We just added a gorgeous deluxe muslin quilt to our collection thanks to The Baby Cubby. 

6). Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag. I own this in black and it's so convenient to have the option to wear it as a shoulder bag or backpack depending on what I'm doing. It easily wipes clean and has plenty of pockets for storage.

7). Plan Wooden Toys. I'm talked about this before, but I'm admittedly picky about what types of toys come into our home and Plan Toys does it right. They are developmentally appropriate, sustainably produced and pleasing to the eye.

8). Ergo Baby 360 Carrier. Tiho and I both love wearing Felicity and this is the carrier we use now that she's bigger. She likes facing forward and I like that this provides the ergonomic support for her to do so.

9). KicKee Pants Sleeper. I wish I realized this earlier, but for the first three months with a newborn, the only thing you'll want to dress them in is one-piece pajamas. KicKee pants brand is lightweight and SO soft.

10). Briar Handmade Bonnet. Because nothing is cuter than a tiny baby in a tiny bonnet. We own two and they are heirloom pieces I plan to tuck away for safe-keeping to pass down to my grandchildren.

11). Honest Diapers. The only brand we use. I love the fun prints and eco-friendly factor. Felicity has also never had a diaper rash.

12). Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow. Originally given to me by a friend, this pillow is luxuriously soft and comfortable. I also used it as a body pillow during pregnancy and as a tummy time support for Felicity before she could sit up on her own.

13). Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump. I stocked our freezer with plenty of milk before a four-day trip away from Felicity when she was five months old. I love this pump, and highly recommend it for any pumping mamas.


I hope this was helpful for anyone feeling clueless or overwhelmed with where to begin with purchases for a new baby.  I know that my own most trusted source for baby recommendations is other moms. This list is by no means exhaustive, but I thought it was a good starting point. 

Thank you again to The Baby Cubby for partnering with me on this post! They have generously offered the following discount code good for 10% off your order valid from Tuesday August 16th - Tuesday August 23rd. Use code "exquisitebanana10" at checkout.

(Felicity enjoying her new deluxe muslin quilt from Little Unicorn! Thanks, Baby Cubby!)


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